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I just built a NiCad zapper and it's working a treat. Thanks

Hello. Just a quick thanks for an excellent website with very useful info. I got your address from the bitsbox site. I am restarting in kinetic sculptures and was very interested in the PIC page. I might need this to code stepper motors. There's some stuff about satellite TV, AV systems and UK satellite broadband on my website at if anyone's interested, under Audiovisual and tooway.

Like the NiCad zapper circuit, very smart.

Hello, I am always looking for DTV sites. Thanks for all the great info. See the Colorado USA project at 73 Ed

Hello from AUST. I spent two hours on your web site , many great projects. Many thanks to your devoted work on behalf of the ATV guys from downunder 73s wayne

Going off to build the video amp. 73 & thanks from Tony in Bournemouth ( GB3SQ group, waiting permit and waiting and waiting....)

Fast scan tv on 439.25Mhz - FM color TV on 1.258Ghz

Yes, the AM modulator can be used but it has to be connected to the transmitter power supply, not the microphone input. Also make sure the transmitter frequency is in the TV band. Check with your local authorities, it's likely there are restrictions on the kinds of signals you are allowed to send.

Hi! if i make a small fm transmitter will connecting the am modulator to it instead of a microphone allow to to transmit a video source to my tv?


Hello from Ohio! This is my first PIC project. Just got parts together yesterday, looking forward to constructing. Stepper motor from inkjet printer to be used. Wonderful site you have. On this end, 70cm ATV since 1994, 1200 just now able to use. ATCO.TV is website here in Columbus, OH.. Great group of guys here. Also looking to use a 16F628 to control my unmanageable (tuning) Comtech boards. I'm brand new to PIC's, so adventure abounds. Thank you for making so much info. available.

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