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Hello, I'm Brian Kelly, a licensed radio amateur living on the west coast of Wales in the UK. Although I'm interested in all aspects of radio communication, my primary interest lies in television.

Over the years I've designed many electronic gadgets, mostly for paying customers, but I have also released my "hobby" designs to various magazines for them to publish. The feedback from these suggests there are quite a lot of other people are interested in the same kinds of projects that I undertake. Almost everything on this web site came in to being because I found a need for such a device myself. In fact, most of the projects here are still in use today around my home and in my "shack".

Most of these projects have featured in either the Severnside TV Group's newsletter "P5" or The British Amateur TV Club (BATC) magazine "CQ-TV". There are links to both of these organisations from this page. If you find these projects useful, please let me know. I have no plans to update any of them so you see them as they were originally built. If they inspire you to adapt to another use or to modify for your own needs, thatís fine by me but please don't use them commercially without consulting me first. I would also like to know if you redistribute any of my projects either electronically or in printed form. I'm not against my plans being displayed elsewhere but I would like to know where they can be seen and in what context..

Don't forget you can click on most diagrams and download them, usually at higher resolution than you see in your browser!

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