The Advanced ATV Repeater is probably the most versatile ATV repeater controller in The World. It can run entirely under it's own operating system or all it's functions can be controlled from any other computer. All commands and data from the controller are in the form of single bytes on an RS232 compatible data stream.

The full technical specification, description and users handbook is on the Documentation page.

You can watch it in action at

When not in use, it reverts to beacon mode and sends out a colour testcard to identify it's transmission. When in use, it relays live pictures from nearby Amateur Television enthusiasts.

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Please note that the design is modular and will work perfectly, albeit with reduced capability if some sections are omitted.
Links to design details:
Sysproc - SYStem PROCessor board
AVMux - Audio & Vision MUltipleXer board
SAP - Stand Alone Processor board
ISO - ISOlated audio, video and data interface board
AntSwitch - Antenna Switcher board
DVD - interface to LiteOn DVD recorder
Documentation - full programming details and circuit descriptions